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“If you talk to a man in a language he knows, that goes to his head.

If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”

Nelson Mandela

An absorbing interest in the sounds of different languages.

English is recognised as the international language of business, making it both imperative and wise to ensure that you are competent in English.

This would ensure that doors to better employment are open to all those who make it their business to improve their level of communication in English.

An improved work situation leads to a more enjoyable lifestyle.

As a mother tongue English speaker, I can guide and support you to improve your level of spoken English as well as assist you with the writing skills you require for business communication.

I am qualified to teach English as a foreign language (TEFL) and hold a post graduate
Diploma in Translation (French/English) (UNISA).

Improve your English for business

My years of experience in foreign language teaching, include French and English.

With English as the dominant language of business communication, globally, we must all ensure that we have the required English skills to be able to attract the countless opportunities available to us. Competence in English gives you the edge!

Upskill your English, upscale your life!

Need Assistance with French?

Cléone offers assistance in French to school students needing individual support.

She also works with people who are learning French either in a group or on their own, who would like some specific focus, or want individual time to consolidate what they are learning.


How your online language sessions work

Language sessions are via Skype.

Contact Cléone to book your free introductory language session.

What Cléone’s language clients say

Cléone Blake was a huge asset to IEBE (Interpreting Equipment for Business Events).

With her wide skills in French, Teaching and working with people, she successfully lead our branch in Gauteng pertaining to the Tuition Sector.

Cléone walked alongside many students until they achieved their desired goals. The consistent reviews were fantastic and it overflowed into a turnaround of our target market being reached through word of mouth.

In addition, Cléone was the head teacher for our groups of French-speaking exchange students who came from Madagascar for an English learning Tour.  With their minimal English, Cléone was able to communicate the tasks needed and got great results from each student.  They had a fabulous tour and it was followed by many positive reviews from parents.

Cléone is highly recommended and it is believed she will be an asset to any team she is a part of.

Melissa Bechard

Cléone, your way of doing the conversation sessions pushed me to understand my weaknesses!! I was terrified of talking in English on skype audio or by phone.

Every week I felt a bit stronger.

I like your way of teaching because you begin working immediately and always advise what I should do during the week.

You are a very precise, strong and encouraging person and I appreciate these features. You insist on good pronunciation which is invaluable to me.

Nowadays, I speak English by phone and on Skype audio, much more confidently. Even when I’m wrong I’m no longer shy.

I have learned so many things from you…..THANKS CLÉONE.



Cléone is a very good teacher and helps me a lot with my English.

She has a pleasant manner, is patient and is clear with her explanations. She speaks slowly so I can understand better. She always advises me about ways to improve my English comprehension and ways to study better.

Learning a new language needs time and determination as well as a great coach, like Cléone, to give you the enthusiasm you need to reach your goal.



Je discute maintenant régulièrement avec Cléone depuis près d’un an pour améliorer mon anglais. Ces discussions sont toujours aussi agréables que constructives. Cléone fait l’objet d’une bienveillance exemplaire. Sa patience et son souci de la pédagogie m’ont beaucoup aidé. Sa très bonne maîtrise du français est assurément un plus dans l’amélioration de mon anglais puisqu’elle fait régulièrement de très utiles comparaisons entre l’usage d’expressions ou de règles de grammaire entre les deux langues. Je suis ravi ! Merci !



(Enseignant 35 ans)

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